VideaHealth and Henry Schein One Partner to Launch Dentrix Detect AI.

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Power your practice with AI-informed X-Ray analysis for better diagnostics, more efficient operations and a deeper understanding of your practice’s performance. Leverage Videa’s AI suite to deliver better care and improved patient outcomes

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Charting, Diagnosing, and Treatment Planning

Dental Charting, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan


Case presentation

Dental Case Presentation

Our Solutions

Videa Insights

Manage and grow your practices with actionable insights.
Improve quality assurance and training for your clinical staff.
Make better-informed practice acquisition decisions by reviewing target practices' data

Videa Detect

Help identify and communicate pathology and other conditions.

Learn more about our FDA 501(k) cleared solution, Videa Carries Assist.


Our solution is installed in minutes and works seamlessly with most PMS and image acquisition systems. Speak with one of our representatives to learn more about how you can start using Videa.


Not Only does Videa help you detect disease faster and more confidently, their AI-powered productivity tools save time in every patient visit. These tools help you chart, plan treatment, and prepare case presentations more easily saving minutes with every patient visit
Dr. Yooson Kim, DMD

Value Delivered

Better diagnostics

Our AI provides you with an expert set of eyes that have been trained on millions of radiographs and never tire. Embedded in your clinic, our AI looks at every x-ray taken and helps you detect and treat all diseases.  

Improved practice efficiency

Not only does our AI help you detect disease faster and more confidently, our AI powered productivity tools save time with every patient visit. Our tools help you chart, treatment plan, and prepare case presentations more easily, saving minutes with every patient visit.  

Better patient communication

To the untrained eye, a dental x-ray is a collection of shades of grey with hard-to-distinguish features. Our visualization tool simplifies case presentation, and improves patients’ understanding of their conditions and implications.